What is The Pothole Patrol?

The Pothole Patrol is a partnership between the City of Joburg, Dialdirect Insurance and Discovery Insure.  The Pothole Patrol will assist with the City’s pothole backlog in a unique data driven initiative. Both insurers have a track record of participating in initiatives which focus on partnering with government to improve the lives of their policyholders and broader society. Dialdirect worked with the City on a pothole repair campaign ten years ago and Discovery Insure has a core purpose of creating a nation of great drivers, and safer roads are a prerequisite for this.


How long will it take for the pothole I reported to be repaired?

We have committed to help the Johannesburg Roads Agency repair 1,000 potholes a week and currently, we are exceeding this target by 25%. There are many potholes that require our attention, and it is important that those who report a pothole are realistic about the turnaround to repair it. We have the best intentions and will do our best to get to it as quickly as possible.


Which potholes can The Pothole Patrol repair?

The Pothole Patrol can repair potholes that measure a maximum size of 1 m by 1 m and no deeper than 100 mm. Anything bigger than this is referred to as a reinstatement. Reinstatements are handed over to the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to repair, and road defects caused by underlying water damage are referred to Joburg Water. If the pothole you reported is escalated to the JRA, we unfortunately cannot commit to a turnaround time as it is handled by the JRA directly. We do not repair manhole covers, roads where the whole road is covered in potholes and needs resurfacing, paving, driveways or when there is water running or leaking into the hole.


Which areas or roads will be prioritised?

At the moment, The Pothole Patrol is working with the City of Johannesburg to repair potholes in Johannesburg. The Pothole Patrol is prioritising roads that are more frequently used and thereby becoming more damaged quicker.


If I want to report a pothole outside of Johannesburg, how do I do that?

Currently, The Pothole Patrol is working with the City of Johannesburg to repair potholes in Johannesburg. If you would like to report a pothole that needs repairing outside the Johannesburg area, please contact your local roads agency or municipality.


How are potholes repaired?


High pressure process

The area is prepared and cleaned. Waterproofing spray is applied to the inside of the pothole. Aggregate is blown into the hole at high pressure. This is then compacted. Additional waterproof is applied, and a layer of fine asphalt residue is sprinkled over.


Thermal process

Area is squared out with the thermal machine and the hole is cleaned out. The hole is then waterproofed. Thermal equipment is placed over the defect and surrounding area. It is heated up to 150°C at which point the bitumen in the road is released and reactivated, allowing the existing material to be recycled and reused. New material is added into the defect if required. The finished hole is compacted.